WTF on deck

Hey All

As someone that make their living converting tree (well logs) into firewood I sometimes get questions from people about my thoughts on depleting a natural resource (trees) to be burnt. We source our firewood from sustainable harvesting of trees that would otherwise be cut and left in the forest because they don’t make the “cut” for lumber, pallets, furniture etc.(not straight enough, diseased sections, storm damage, age etc.). Because of how we source our trees I don’t feel guilty about converting them into sustainable, renewable heat energy. However, there is a carbon footprint from the harvesting, transportation and processing of these logs. Now before anyone says “You should pick a different energy source other than firewood” please keep in mind that any energy has a carbon footprint…hydroelectricity requires the infrastructure to convert water to electricity as well as distribute it, solar panels have to be manufactured, so do wind turbines and so on.

Regardless of your preferred heat energy source, ours is firewood and to reduce the associated carbon footprint we are starting the WTF (Where’s the Forest) program here at Firewood Manitoba. For every cord of firewood sold per year we are going to plant a tree. We already have this year’s trees on order from the MFA (Manitoba Forestry Association). If you would like to purchase some seedlings please go to

We’ll keep everyone posted as we plan on planting the weekend of May 13th.

Have a great Spring everyone.