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Clint – just a quick note of thank you for such great service. I came to garage just as you were pulling away – so sorry I missed you, but Devin gave me your card – so hopefully we’ll be doing business in the futureDoug - Winnipeg
Hey Clint,
Thank you very much for your timely delivery of my firewood today. I am very happy with the quality and quantity of firewood that I received. Looking forward to doing business with you again in the near future. I will also spread the good word to anybody who inquires about firewood…GUD WUD!Roger - Winnipeg
The service I received from Firewood Manitoba was incredible. I work everyday with people, and different companies, and I can say that dealing with you was amongst the best I have experienced. Thank you. You can count on business from us for years years to come. I will be sure to continue spreading the good word!Robyn - Winnipeg
I have been purchasing firewood from Firewood Manitoba for 5 years. I like the fact that the firewood is dry, ready to burn and there is help with stacking!Monika - Bird's Hill
Great wood and quick delivery.Steve - St. Francis Xavier
Quality product and a cord is a cord.Mike - Winnipeg
Thanks so much for the wood! My dad was already piling it onto the 4wheeler before you were off the driveway so I could tell he was happy. He actually said “this is good wood” without ever having seen your website. He was really impressed with the stacking done as well. I didn’t get a picture yet but I hear good things. ThanksMeredith from southeast MB
Hey Clint as I sit here enjoying our fire….just wanted to thank you for supplying great fire wood. For years starting the fire was always a chore….i realize now the wood just wasn’t seasoned properly. I went thru several suppliers, all with the same results.I’ve finally perfected a “top down fire” and literally can get it going in like a minute. Thanks again!Martin - Winnipeg
Easy to light and great heat from tamarack.Al - Portage la Prairie
We would like to thank you for the excellent job you did at our country place, cutting and splitting the large amount of wood left by the arborist’s crew. In our dealings with you, you were honest, forthright and friendly. From beginning to end, you dealt with the job-at-hand, in a professional and efficient manner. Many others in business for themselves, who wonder why their phone isn’t ringing, could learn lessons from you on how to be successful We would recommend your service’s to others. You did a ‘Gud’ job. Have a great one.Dennis - Grand Marais
I would like to pass on my thanks for the great wood but, more importantly, the superior customer service and professionalism you provided. Best around, in my opinion. Will gladly recommend you to the entire military community at CFB Winnipeg.Devon - Winnipeg
This is our fourth season of firewood from Firewood Manitoba. We have always been treated very well. Friendly service and a great business attitude towards customers is why we return every year. Our recent delivery is also very dry and burns great. I recommend this company whenever I can as it is easy!Gary - St. Andrews, Manitoba
Another beautiful load of wood Clint, thanks! Like the jack pine, nice burn, not a bad sub for Tamarack at all. appreciate the great suggestion. maybe /prob touch base again in ny year for more depending on the weather. have a great fall.Bill - Headingley, MB
I just want to thank you so much for the wood delivery and especially the kindling as it has made starting the fires a lot easier since I don’t have to chop up smaller pieces to get it going. All the wood has been cut so that they fit perfectly into the stove without me having to cut it smaller. Also you were much more pleasant to deal with than the other fellow we used before.Catherine - Winnipeg, MB
Just wanted to “tip my hat” to you! You run a great business and in extremely professional manner!Jim from St. Andrews


I appreciate the product, burns good and very little effort to start a fire, 3-4 small bits of kindling I’m cooking myself out my house,  will give you a shout if I need more this winter otherwise I’ll be in touch next fall

Thanks for providing a great service 🙂  Garrett, Fall 2018


Hello Clint

Sorry for taking so long to reply.

I just wanted to let you know that I was very happy with the wood delivery and

it’s quality.  Many thanks!

Rob (January 2019)


Thank you for the lovely stack!

Candess (February 2019)


Hi Clint
You delivered a cord of wood to me in the fall in Matlock.
Just wanted to tell you how happy I’m with your service and the wood.
Big improvement over last years supplier who does not seem to be in business any more (I wonder why)
Thanks again will be ordering again in fall
George (March 2019)   

Hey Clint,

Great job on the wood. This is really seasoned and burns well.

Exceeded my expectations and I wanted to let you know I appreciate it.

Have a great night !

John  (September 2020)     



Just wanna send a shout out to Clint and crew from Firewood Manitoba ! Always good seasoned firewood and always a good supply  available just a phone call away!

Jason (April 2021) East St. Paul