Firewood Pick Up


Pine starts easily (kindling is included with all deliveries), gets up to temperature quickly, doesn’t crackle and produces minimal smoke. Great for camping and/or backyard fires and we burn it all Winter in our wood stove. Being softwood it won’t burn quite as hot or as long as hardwood.

Poplar also starts easily (kindling is included with all deliveries) but since it’s a hardwood takes a bit longer to get up to temperature vs. softwoods. For those of you that like to hear the crackle of a fire poplar will do that for ya. Works well for camping too and/or backyard fires when you’re after longer and hotter burn vs. pine. Coals up for cooking a bit more too. Being a hardwood it will burn a bit longer and hotter than a softwood.

 Open Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 8 pm PICK UP BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Directions from the North Perimeter:

  1. Go North on # 7 Highway to the town of Stony Mountain (approximately 10 km)


  2. Turn Left or West on Road 73N (you are turning away from the town of Stony Mountain) and go approximately 1.2 miles or 2 km to our log yard (Road 73N is also known as Provincial Road 321)


  3. Yard # 8109e / metal Firewood Manitoba sign at the end of the lane, white shop and wide open yard

    Any questions please call 204-453-7788