NeighbourWood – Free to Those Who Need It

Do you know someone this Winter who heats with firewood and is a bit short on funds?

Or time? Or both? Firewood Manitoba’s “NeighbourWood” program is back this year where we donate for free one bulk bag (approximately a half cord) of seasoned firewood to someone in need.

It’s all guaranteed dry pine firewood…cut and split pieces, small pieces, kindling…it’s all dry and all burns. Contained in 4′ x 4’x 4′ bulk bag that will keep the snow off.

Just email or call 204-453-7788 with who you would like to nominate and why.

We load the bag into your truck or trailer at the Firewood Manitoba log yard 5 minutes North of Winnipeg near Stony Mountain and away you go.

There is a $45 deposit on the bulk bag with $20 going to Christmas Cheer and $25 returned to you when the bulk bag is returned.

Thank you for thinking of others and have a warm Christmas!