Hi everyone and happy 2016. Now that we’re getting more normal January weather (-28C last night without any windchill) people will be relying on their firewood more and more for warmth and comfort.

One tip I recommend to help get the most heat from your firewood you can is to bring your firewood indoors to warm up before burning. This will help in maintaining steady fire and also make your fires easier to start.

By bringing your firewood inside at least 24 hours before burning it allows it to get up to room temperature. Burning a piece of firewood that is 20C vs -20C (wood that was just brought inside) will maintain the heat energy your fire already has to heat your home vs. using that energy to warm up the cold firewood to get it to the burning point. It will also ensure that there is sufficient energy in the fire to maintain complete combustion, resulting in more heat energy and less pollution in the form of smoke.

If anyone has any questions or firewood burning tip please send ’em my way.


Stay toasty my friends.