Now available from Firewood Manitoba, wholesale bundles of firewood for your business. Please click on REQUEST A QUOTE on the left and complete all information to submit a Quote Request to talk about it and help spread our “Gud Wood”!

Our 0.75 cubic foot bundles are labelled and packaged as per the Canadian Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act requirements: http://www.competitionbureau.gc.ca/eic/site/cb-bc.nsf/eng/01739.html

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  • Want to add another revenue stream to your business?
  • Want a professional and timely firewood supplier?
  • Want to support a local Manitoban business and grow the local economy?

Request a Quote to learn how you can start selling wholesale firewood. See Additional Information below for Label Requirements etc.


We only process firewood that is sustainably harvested. All our firewood (cut and split, slabs etc.) is harvested from timber stands that have been damaged by insects (larch beetle in regards to tamarack) or fire (jack pine from the Sandiland Park fire) or from salvage (lot clearing, shelterbelt removal etc.). This firewood is all high quality and burns just as well as any firewood out there but has the added benefit of providing heat, enjoyment and comfort to you vs. rotting in the forest or going into a landfill. Trees are carbon neutral which they absorb CO2 throughout their life and release that stored CO2 when they die and decompose. By burning firewood from trees that were already dead or dying you are doing your part to utilize the renewable energy they stored throughout their life vs. non-renewable sources (natural gas, propane, heating oil etc.)

Additional information


Mandatory label information Whether it is bagged, boxed, bundled or baled, firewood (including kindling) packaged for sale to the consumer requires a label, stating the product identity, the name and address of the responsible dealer and the net quantity. 1. The product identity (what's in the package). Show this in both English and French, e.g. Firewood Bois de chauffage The lettering must be at least 1.6 mm high. 2. The name and address of the responsible dealer. (May be in either official language; lettering should be at least 1.6 mm high.) 3. The net quantity of the firewood Prepackaged firewood, cut and/or split, must be sold in packages with a net quantity statement declared in terms of volume expressed in cubic decimetres (dm3). See instructions below to learn how to calculate net quantity. The declaration is based on "stacked/empilé" volume, and packers are encouraged to indicate this in the net quantity statement. For example: 20 dm3 (stacked/empilé) If the wood is comprised of pieces obtained from lumber yards, wood mills, furniture manufactures, etc. as scrap from their processes, the net quantity of the package must be declared in terms of weight and expressed in grams or kilograms.


We have a timber dealer’s license. It is 42270. This means we are accountable to Manitoba Conservation to track the amount of timber products we distribute in order to accurately gauge the health and productiveness of Manitoba’s forests.