We recently had a customer stop by and pick up some BBBB’s after hearing about us on Reddit. I had heard about Reddit in the past and used it a time or two but now my curiosity was definitely piqued. I looked up some stuff about firewood in Winnipeg / Manitoba and saw some kind words from some of our clients so decided to become an AMA (Ask Me Anything) for firewood. Basically what that is a knowledgeable resource for people to send questions to via the Reddit website…in this case about firewood in Winnipeg and/or Manitoba. One of our passions here at Firewood Manitoba is making sure folks have the answers they need about firewood (how much firewood is in a cord, what is a cord, what does “seasoned” mean, how much wood can a woodchuck…well you get the idea.

One of the requirements of an AMA is that you are who you say you are (which makes perfect sense). The purpose for this post is to spread the word about Reddit as a knowledge tool (regardless of subject) and to let the powers that be at Reddit is that I’m the real deal…that is the owner / operator of a firewood processing, supply and delivery service for the past 12 year. Firewood Manitoba…home of Gud Wud!

My Reddit AMA username is Firewood_Manitoba and started April 4th, 2017.