Happy Fall folks…hope this warmer than average weather is being good to you.

We often get the question from potential firewood clients “I heard that pine causes more creosote vs. other firewood” or “Pine shoots lots of sparks doesn’t it?”. The answer to both these questions is no. There is not one species of firewood that causes more creosote than another, it’s unseasoned firewood (greater than 20% internal moisture content) that can lead to creosote buildup and in turn increase your risk of chimney fires. By only burning seasoned firewood (pine or otherwise) you are going down the road to a clean chimney, not to mention a fire that is much easier to start and keep burning.

Regarding shooting sparks, seasoned pine firewood does not shoot sparks. Resin in firewood can shoot sparks. Resin in pine firewood is residual moisture that is left if the firewood is not fully seasoned (20% internal moisture content or less). As our firewood is guaranteed seasoned you won’t have a problem with sparks shooting out and landing on your floor, carpet, pet potbelly pig etc.

Have a good November and stay warm.