Happy Spring Everyone

With the warmer weather here people are getting outside, enjoying the fresh air and thoughts are turning to camping and with camping comes fire pits and firewood. Every year people ask me what the best firewood for fire pits is, in my opinion it’s seasoned pine for the following reasons:

– easy to start

– lots of heat but not overwhelming

– medium amount of coals (good for cooking)

– crackles nicely but not many sparks

– a softwood that grows throughout Manitoba so sustainable and economical to purchase

What about birch you ask? We get requests for birch as well for camping and fire pits throughout the summer. In my opinion birch is a hardwood better suited to winter burning due to it’s long burning and high heat characteristics plus since birch trees are not as plentiful as pine in southern Manitoba it is often more expensive.

Any questions about firewood, fire pits or what causes sparking in firewood just give me a shout.

Stay toasty my friends.