Hi Everyone…this year we’re trying something new to “cover all the bases” for our firewood clients. Introducing the Winter Burner Bundle:

  • Winter Burner Bundle: $345 for 1/4 cord of cut, split and semi seasoned ash firewood and 3/4 cord seasoned pine firewood delivered in Winnipeg. We find our clients use their pine firewood during the day in the Spring and Fall to take the chill off and on warmer Winter days. The ash firewood is nice for those frigid winter days and for overnight burns (ash coals very well so you have sustained heat overnight and ideally coals to start the next morning’s fire with. Add $75 for stacking

While having all one species of firewood is useful for consistent burn times it is handy from time to time to utilize the varied characteristics of firewood species. For the Winter Burner Bundle we think we’ve got a good mix but if you’d like to see other mixes in the future please let us know. Ash and oak for smoking? Pine and oak for pizza ovens? You tell us…have a great Fall everybody and stay warm.