Firewood Price Comparison Tool

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Firewood Price Comparison Spreadsheet – Excel version locked 2


Hi there,

Have you ever purchased firewood and not received the amount you expected?

Do you know how much firewood you should receive if you order a cord or fraction of a cord?

Ever wish there was a way to accurately compare pricing between various firewood suppliers?

In 10+ years in the firewood business, I’ve come across various descriptions of firewood volume such as:

– 128 cubic feet of stacked cut and split firewood (the definition I use)

– 180 cubic feet of loose thrown cut and split firewood (we use this one too, it equals 128 cubic feet of stacked firewood)

– cubic metres of loose or stacked firewood

– 128 cubic set of loose thrown firewood

– 128 cubic feet of stacked logs

– truckloads (half ton, 1 ton, dump, Tonka, etc.)

As a result of this situation, I made an easy to use method to show the difference between firewood amounts local suppliers sell I call it the Firewood Price Comparison Tool. Using it, you can compare firewood pricing in terms of volume, and you will know beforehand how much firewood you can expect to have when it is stacked in your yard, garage, basement, deck or wherever it ends up.

To make that happen, I believe the best way to honestly compare firewood pricing is to use stacked cubic feet. This way, regardless of how you receive it (left on your driveway, picked up at the supplier, stacked for you, etc.) you’ll know exactly what to expect for from your purchase.

At Firewood Manitoba, prices are based on the two important characteristics: quality and quantity. I believe in life you pay for quality and you should get quality. If you order cut, split and seasoned firewood from us that’s what you get…firewood that is cut, split and guaranteed seasoned. We work hard to make sure it is ‘second to none’. And equally important is quantity. I provide 128 cubic feet of firewood (a stack of cut and split firewood measuring 4′ x 4′ x 8′) to equal 1 cord (we also supply 1/4 and 1/2 cords). There are suppliers out there that do not use this measurement and thus their pricing ‘seems’ lower than ours. By using the Comparison Tool you’ll be able to quickly compare ‘apples to apples’. Give it a try, and please let me know what you think.

Stay warm,



Firewood Price Comparison Spreadsheet – Excel version locked 2


Here are the steps to use the Firewood Price Comparison Tool:

Step 1: Find out how many cubic feet of loose firewood you will be receiving from a potential supplier, enter that number in the “Loose Cut+Split Firewood Volume” cell. They should know how many cubic feet of loose firewood their delivery vehicle holds, if not how do they know how much firewood to deliver? It is totally acceptable to measure a delivery vehicle’s capacity before unloading. We carry a tape measure for exactly that reason.

Step 2: Enter the Supplier’s Name if comparing various suppliers

Step 3: Enter the Species of firewood if comparing various species

Step 4: Enter Delivery Fee (if delivery is included at no charge or not required then leave that cell blank)

Step 5: Enter Stacking Fee (if stacking is included at no charge or not required then leave that cell blank)

Step 6: Enter Price Quoted and hit Enter

Step 7: Price Per Stacked Cubic Foot section will be calculated automatically and you can compare exactly how much firewood you’ll be getting…before you pay for it.



– Assuming 180 cubic feet of loose firewood = 128 cubic feet of stacked firewood (loose firewood takes up more space vs. stacked)

– Assuming that regardless of whether you stack it or the firewood supplier does that your firewood will end up in a stack before burning

– If demand is there we can create a metric version (the farm boy in me is more used to imperial but Canada is a metric country…)

– Firewood suppliers or consumers, any questions / suggestions just email or call…thanks

– At the end of the day as long as the firewood provider and firewood consumer agree on a volume and a price then all is good, this is a tool to ensure you are comparing “apples to apples” in terms of volume of stacked firewood you’ll receive

– This is strictly a price comparison, other variables (if firewood is seasoned, can the supplier provide a receipt, is it all one species or a mix etc.) will all affect your final decision


Firewood Price Comparison Spreadsheet – Excel version locked 2