All Natural Mulch


Each of our 4′ x 4′ x 4′ bulk bags contains 100% organic all natural pine mulch.

Pick up at our yard in Stony Mountain. Price includes loading.



Firewood Manitoba has an ongoing supply of wood chip mulch available:

  • all wood mulch…no nails, no pressure treated lumber, no painted wood
  • all 100% natural pine mulch, a byproduct of our firewood processing
  • comes in 4′ x 4′ x 4′ bulk bags with lifting straps….approximately 3 cubic yards
  • price includes loading into your truck and/or trailer
  • $45 per bag, includes loading at our yard near Stony Mountain
  • see pictures for an idea of sizing
  • great for weed control, garden paths, mixing in with compost, filling in low areas or making access to wet areas easier. It’s great to drive on
  • organic material, the “clean up” is leaving it to degrade and improve your soil
  • woodchips are great for dog play areas, decorative landscaping, base for raised gardens….what else?
  • comes in a resealable bulk bag to keep it all contained
  • we have lots so if you have a larger project and need delivery please let us know
  • construction companies / landscapers / contractors this mulch is ideal for jobsites… everything is going to be a muddy mess for a while so a few truck loads of dry wood chips solves machines getting stuck, people tracking muddy boots, material getting damaged and mud everywhere

Any questions or for a free sample please call 204-453-7788.

Thank you for your time.