Pallet O’ Poplar


Now available for pickup from Firewood Manitoba….our pallets of guaranteed seasoned poplar firewood.

$275 will get you approximately a half cord of cut, split and seasoned poplar firewood loaded into your truck or trailer along with kindling for starting your fires.

The Process:

0.5) You want a fire…good idea!

1.) Give us a call at 204-453-7788 to schedule a pickup appointment from our log yard 5 minutes North of Winnipeg near Stony Mountain (type Firewood Manitoba into Google Maps into or follow the directions at the bottom of this page).

2.) Pull in with your truck and/or trailer and call 204-453-7788 when you arrive

3.) We load your Pallet O’ Poplar with our skid steer

4.) We receive $275 payment plus $20 deposit on the reusable plastic pallet ($20 refunded upon return of the pallet)

5.) Head home or to the cabin or wherever you want to enjoy an easy to start fire with us doing all the work to load it 🙂



Open All Week (including weekends), 8 am to 8 pm
PICK UP BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please call 204-453-7788

Directions from the North Perimeter:

• Go North on # 7 Highway to the town of Stony Mountain (approximately 10 km)
• Turn Left or West on Road 73N (you are turning away from the town of Stony Mountain) and go approximately 1.2 miles or 2 km to our log yard (Road 73N is also known as Provincial Road 321)

• Yard # 8109e / metal Firewood Manitoba sign at the end of the lane, white shop, grey A-frame and wide open yard

Any questions please call 204-453-7788