Now available… cut, split and guaranteed seasoned (or it’s free) pine firewood. By taking delivery of your firewood before the Winter rush you’ll have the species you want and amount of dry firewood you need going into next Winter without having to wait.

If you find firewood in your order that isn’t seasoned it’s free….that’s our Gud Wud Guarantee

What is seasoned you ask? Seasoned firewood has an internal moisture content of 20% or less.

By burning seasoned firewood you’ll have a fire that’s easier to start, gets up to temperature quicker and creates less smoke / creosote buildup vs. semi seasoned fuel.

Creosote is the buildup on your chimney that can lead to a chimney fire.

All our pine (as well as all our other firewood) is sustainably harvested from public and private land by licensed loggers. Pine is a great firewood since it’s easy to start (we also include kindling), radiates a steady heat and crackles but does not shoot sparks. Burns well indoors in your fireplace or wood stove or use it for burning outdoors (fire pit, chiminea, weenie roast etc.). Good for taking the chill off and we’ve got lots.

Kindling included with every delivery for easy starting of your fires.

To place an order please:

  • Choose the amount of cut, split and dry pine firewood you require (the minimum we deliver is a half cord)
  • Choose which STACKING option you require

Don’t need/have space for a 1/2 cord of firewood? We have 1/4 cords and Big Backyard Burner Bags of guaranteed seasoned firewood viable for pickup 5 minutes North of Winnipeg at our log yard near Stony Mountain.

Please click on the “Firewood Pickup” page for more information and directions.

  •  A 1/2 cord equals 64 cubic feet of cut, split and stacked firewood or imagine a stacked pile 4’ long x 4’ wide x 4’ high.
  •  A 1/4 cord would be 32 cubic feet of cut, split and stacked firewood…enough to fill a 6.5’ long truck bed nicely.
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½ Cord: $375 for 1/2 cord of cut and split pine firewood delivered in Winnipeg*.

Additional information

Please Note:

Stacking available for $75. We’ll stack your firewood where you want it and how you want it and clean up after.
All pricing is for stacking outdoors. Indoor stacking also available, but a Quote is required.


Delivery is INCLUDED if delivered in and around Winnipeg.
Other delivery areas also available, but a Quote is required.