Each of our spherical fire bowls are crafted out of 1/4″ steel (up to 10x thicker than store bought firepits), diameter is 30″ and 12″ high, complete with a drain hole at the bottom for rainwater.


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Full of firewood when delivered
  • Delivery in and around Winnipeg

New to the Winnipeg market and locally made. No thin metal, you’ll get several lifetimes of burning out of these heavy duty units.


Built in grill that swings out of the way if needed


Firewood Manitoba has been supplying firewood for years and we wanted to find a long lasting, well designed and functional firepit, all while looking good enough to be an attractive feature in our yard. We couldn’t find one locally so we started making them ourselves.

Our Fire Bowls look good with a fire burning but are just as visually pleasing sitting in your back yard or at the cabin when they don’t have flames dancing in them. You can use them as a planter, a serving table or a piece of art and then if you feel like a fire they can do that too. They are an architectural feature that can be admired from a distance as well as utilized to bring peo