Our Recommendations

These are businesses that we work with and share the same commitment to customer service as we do. Give them a call and I guarantee you’ll be happy with what they can do for you.

Linden Woods Stylists
Website: lindenwoodstylists.com
4-877 Waverley Street, Winnipeg MB
(204) 488-2884
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Don’t worry, underneath my toque is a great haircut.
Fairways Lawn Services
Website: sites.google.com/site/fairwayslawnservices/home
(204) 797-6784
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They plow my snow and pull me out of the ditch (sometimes at the same time)
Blue Wing Mobile
(204) 745-8177 / (204) 750-2028
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Mobile welding services. Quality onsite fabrication and repair. They’re the reason I can haul as much firewood as I do.
Pizzeria Gusto
Website: pizzeriagusto.com
(204) 944-8786
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Great pizza, great atmosphere and great firewood…what else do you need? Well a patio would be great…oh yeah, they have that too! Firewood Manitoba is proud to be the exclusive firewood supplier for their wood fired pizza oven.
Maples Chiropractic
Website: mapleschiropractic.ca
(204) 955-2329
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Maples Chiropractic will break down health and fitness concepts that have been publicized to seem more complex than they really are. Their goal is to provide you with simple, common-sense tips to preventing disease and living a fuller, healthier lifestyle. After splitting, throwing and/or carry firewood I look forward to an adjustment. I had never been to chiropractor before March 2012 and now I go at least weekly, if not more. Tell them Clint sent you!
Kadoc Property Management
Website: kadoc.ca
Email: carlos@kadoc.ca
(204) 999-3748
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Kadoc Property Management is proud to offer quality homes to Winnipeg residents. Kadoc manages its properties with a personal touch – they own and self-manage all their properties. Firewood Manitoba is proud to be the exclusive distributor of firewood to their properties.
Teo's and Mano a Mano
Website: teosandmanoamano.com
(204) 414-6305
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Charlie and the team at Mano a Mano make you feel right at home whether you’re there for drinks in the lounge (great variety of beers), in for a bite (their steak is a hidden gem) or want to experience the overhead garage door that opens up onto their patio!
Interlake Heating & Ventilation
Website: interlakeheating.ca
(204) 376-5034
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The Right Products, The Right Services & The Right People to do the job! Whether it be wood stove service or install, WETT inspections, chimney cleaning or HVAC install and repair Interlake Heating & Ventilation can get the job done.
Lake of the Woods Bed and Breakfast
Website: bbcanada.com/lakeofthewoodsbb
1 (807) 543-1077
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Ken got me in to process some birch firewood for him (check out the picture of the pile below) and they were kind enough to let me overnight at their impressive cabin / bed and breakfast (Laurie makes a great bacon and eggs). Give them a call for a beautiful spot to relax or for some quality firewood in the Kenora area.
Website: thermea.ca
(204) 284-9595
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We’re proud to be the exclusive provider of quality firewood to the several fire pits that dot the serene landscape of Thermea. Even if we weren’t a supplier I’d still say you owe it to yourself to go there. Pure relaxation in the great outdoors. That “cool” pool sure feels a lot chillier than 10 C!