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Can I have a firepit in Winnipeg and if so are there any requirements?
What is the best firewood?
How long is firewood good for?
Can I have a firepit on my deck?
What types of firewood does Firewood Manitoba supply?
How much firewood does it take to heat a home for a winter?
Isn't burning wood bad for the environment?
How much firewood is in a cord?
How do I contact you with questions/to arrange for a delivery/etc?
Is Firewood Manitoba a local business?
Where does Firewood Manitoba deliver to?
Can you use firewood to heat a pool or hot tub?
What if I already have logs and need them processed into firewood at my location, can Firewood Manitoba do this?
Can you recommend a chimney cleaner
Do you deliver on evening or weekends?
Do some types of firewood create more creosote than others?
What is creosote?
Do you help stack?
How often should I clean my chimney?
How can I tell if firewood is dry (ready to burn)?
What does 'seasoned' firewood mean?
Where should I store my firewood?
Can Firewood Manitoba provide a receipt for wood delivered?
Where does your firewood come from?
Can I get different lengths of firewood?
Can I spilt a delivery between friends / neighbours / relatives etc?
How do I know if a pile of firewood equals a cord?
What is the best way to start a fire?