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Ordered firewood in the past and didn’t get as much as you expected?


Ordered firewood in the past and it wasn’t seasoned?

Please click on the link below for our “Firewood Comparison Tool”. It will help you compare “wud to wud” (or apples to apples) and calculate  how much stacked firewood you’ll receive based on how much loose firewood you’ll have delivered.

Firewood Price Comparison Spreadsheet – Excel version locked 2

Guaranteed dry firewood or it’s free.

(and we’ll pay for your next chimney cleaning)

Our slogan is Good Wood (or Gud Wud if you’re Norwegian) and as such we ensure our firewood is dry. How do we do that? We cut and split our logs to ensure they have sufficient time for the sun and wind to reduce the internal moisture content to less than 20%. What does that mean? It means you get firewood that is easy to start, burns consistently, doesn’t shoot sparks or sizzle, throws off a steady heat and most importantly does not contribute to creosote buildup in your chimney. Wet firewood = steam = condensation = creosote.

We’re so confident that our firewood is dry is that if it’s not your order is on us and we’ll pay for your next chimney cleaning.

Please ask other firewood suppliers if they will do the same. Why is this section pink? Two reasons: we want to make sure you know about this offer (pink stands out) and green stands out as well but we just aren’t comfortable using the colour green to describe dry firewood.

Firewood Manitoba strives to provide quality firewood, at a competitive price that is delivered on time and in accurate quantities.

We deliver our firewood so that you get 128 cubic feet (or more) of stacked firewood as a cord.

Not all firewood suppliers do this. Some define a cord as 128 cubic feet of logs (not split) which will equal less than 128 cubic feet of firewood when split and stacked. Please ask your supplier the volume of firewood you will have after stacking.

Bottom line: when you order a cord of firewood from Firewood Manitoba you are getting enough firewood to make a stacked pile of firewood equaling 128 cubic feet (or more).

“Gud Wud”

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