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Firewood ManitobaUuni Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven
Firewood Manitoba-18C and still cooks a pizza in under 4 minutes!

Firewood Manitoba strives to provide quality firewood, at a competitive price that is delivered on time and in accurate quantities.

We deliver our firewood so that you get 128 cubic feet (or more) of stacked firewood as a cord.

Not all firewood suppliers do this. Some define a cord as 128 cubic feet of logs (not split) which will equal less than 128 cubic feet of firewood when split and stacked.

Please ask your supplier the volume of firewood you will have after stacking.

Bottom line: when you order a cord of firewood from Firewood Manitoba you are getting enough firewood to make a stacked pile of firewood equaling 128 cubic feet (or more).

“Gud Wud”